Liberty Ship

We dove on the Liberty Ship on May 7th 2011. Only the ship’s bottom and sides remain with a few bulkheads. On this day we didn’t see any fish big enough to shoot. But the water was warm (74°) and wet so it was a good dive. We did see a good size Ray and was hoping for a Cobia escort but none were found.

The Benjamin H. Grierson is one of many Liberty Ships that were quickly built around the U.S. during World War II. The Grierson was built in 1943 by the Oregon Ship Building Corporation in Portland, Oregon. Many Liberty Ships were named for officers of the Civil War. Benjamin H Grierson served as a colonel in the Union Army. After the war he organized the 10th cavalry regiment of white and black soldiers, known as the Buffalo Soldiers.
In November, 1949, the ship was laid up in the Mobile Reserve Fleet near Mobile, Alabama. She was eventually acquired by the Florida Department of Natural Resources and deployed as an artificial reef on September 29, 1977. The Grierson (often called just Liberty Ship by locals) lies at a depth of 77 feet. The ship was cut at the waterline, but several bulkheads are still in place.

The typical Liberty Ship statistics:

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